Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Question 1 :- What is  the Approach?

It is a three part cleansing program. Part one is a formula of natural ingredients that you drink with juice or water.  Part two is an anti-parasite support formula that you take by capsule. Part three is a tea that you take in the evening. The Ultimate  Colon Cleanse is a 100% certified natural colon cleanse. It is a vegetation formula made with non-GMO herbs and is free of preservatives and gluten. Their approach is simple and easy to implement. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the site. You need to contact them within 365 days for instructions on how to return the unused portion for a refund.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Question 2 – What is in the Ultimate Colon Cleanse?

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Findings on Part One

You start the Ultimate  Colon Cleanse with an internal cleansing fiber, which is in powder form and  contains 14 natural herbals.   You add 1 tablespoon of the powder mix with water or juice first thing in the morning.

The ingredients in Ultimate  Colon Cleanse part one are listed in the following order:

Psyllium Husks – this ingredient is mainly used as a dietary fiber. Psyllium swells ten times or more it’s size when you introduce it to liquid. A benefit to this is that it makes you feel full so you don’t get hungry.

Flax Seed – contains dietary fiber, lots of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids and lignans. It can be used for intestinal inflammation.

Fennel Seed – is known for having antispasmodic properties which are used for muscular spasms and cramps.

Licorice Root – has laxative properties

Aloe Vera – has laxative properties and helps support normal bowel function

Grapefruit Pectin– is good for you

Papaya fruit – has vitamins A, C, E and Lycopene

Slippery Elm Bark– is nourishing for weak stomachs and relieves constipation.

Marshmallow Root- is high in mucilage and is known to help lubricate intestines and kidneys in cases of inflamation

Rhubarb Root- is both laxative and astringent

Alfalfa- was called “the Father of all foods” by the Arabs. It has calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin K and vitamin P

Guar Gum-

Peppermint Leaf- is good for griping pain in the intestines and helps with digestion

Uva Ursi- Leaves are astringent and tonic

Protein –  Ultimate Colon Cleanse does not list the source of protein.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Findings on Part Two

Part two of The Ultimate Colon Cleanse is a smart move, they  include an anti-parasite support formula.  This is easy to take because it comes  in the form of capsules. The  bottle contains 110 servings.

The ingredients in part two of  Ultimate Colon Cleanse are listed in the following order:

Wormwood Powder,Black Walnut Hulls, Pumpkin Seed,Pau D’Arco Powder, , Grapefruit Seed Extract,Clove Bud Powder, False Unicorn Root, Myrrh Gum, Garlic Bulb Powder, Hyssop Leaf, Tumeric Root, Gentian Root, Peppermint Leaf Powder, Elecampane Plant, Prickley Ash Bark Powder, Fenugreek Seed Powder and Yellow Dock Powder.

The capsule is vegicapsule.  For the Ultimate Colon Cleanse to  include a formula  to deal with parasites is a real plus. I don’t think people realize how easy it is to get parasites. You can get them from pets, from drinking water, or walking barefoot. They can be transmitted from other people who have parasites, from improperly washed produce, improperly cooked meats and the list goes on.  Parasites eat your nutrients and they create toxic waste inside your body. They can cause all sorts of health problems. In my opinion it would be good to do a parasite cleanse at least once a year. If you travel overseas you might want to consider doing cleanses maybe a couple of times a year.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Findings on Part Three

The 3rd part of the Ultimate  Colon Cleanse is a nighttime cleansing tea that is a blend of natural herbs you drink in the evening.  There are 30 tea bags in the container.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse tea contains the ingredients in the following order:

Senna Leaf , Chamomile Flower, Peppermint Leaf, Barberry, Cinnamon Bark, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Passion Fruit and Rhumbarb Stem.

They have formulated this tea with some very pleasant tasting ingredients which makes a comforting tea to drink before going to bed.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Findings on Bonus Part Four

At the time of this Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review there is a free bonus offer.  Ultimate Colon Cleanse will include with your first purchase the Ultimate Probiotics for free for a limited time.   The bottle has 60 vegicapsules. That have an enteric coating to protect the beneficial bacteria from being released until it reaches the intestines.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Probiotics contain eight strains of healthy bacteria and are listed in order as:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Salivarius, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Bifidobacterium Longum and Strptococcus Thermophilus.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Question 3 — Do they provide adequate contact information?

Contact Information Provided –Ultimate Colon Cleanse by Organica Research

Toll free number  is provided and is available  Monday through Friday Ultimate Colon Cleanse

Online Customer Support Center is provided — Open all year, 24 hours a day

Mailing address listed is a physical address in Aurora, CO

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review Findings:

As far as the Ultimate  Colon Cleanse program goes for part one and two, you should know that this is not a product that is to be used for long term use. It is not something you should take every day for the rest of your life. After doing the cleanse you need to give your body a break before you do it again. This product should not be used by children or for pregnant or nursing women. If you have any medical condition or you are taking any medication you need to check with your doctor before you start the program.  The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review finds this program fairly easy to follow.  You do are not instructed to go on a fast or a restricted diet.  I like that they include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but you need to contact them to make sure you understand the terms.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review states that none of the information in this review has been evaluated by the FDA. This data isn’t supposed to treat, diagnose, cure or forestall any malady.Consult a medical physician if you have any medical condition or concerns.

Thank you for reading the Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review.

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