Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet upholds four (4) principles. These are: “You Will Maintain Your Weight Loss”, “You Will Lose Weight”,  “You Will Achieve Good Heath” and  “You Will Set The Permanent Foundation For Disease Prevention”. It is also done through the four phases. Phase 1 is Induction, Phase 2 is  OWL (Ongoing Weight Loss), Phase 3 is  Pre-Maintenance and Phase 4, Lifetime Maintenance.

Ketosis is a process by which the consumption of carbohydrates is cut off to the lower level. This is to transform the natural metabolism of the body. Once the carbohydrate intake is reduced to a minimum level, the stored body fats will be converted to energy.

The Atkins diet adopts this kind of process; the Ketosis. The process starts the level of insulin is low. Usually, in the human body system, insulin is low when blood glucose levels are low. When the lipid stored in fat cells are transferred and utilized for energy, the Ketosis lipolysis appeared. The caloric carbohydrates, on the other hand, energize the body by accelerating the blood sugar after intake. Moreover, fiber diets do not affect glucose and insulin levels since fiber is naturally low digestibility.

Advantages of the Atkins Diet

  • Most men prefer this diet the fact that steaks and burgers are considered as the regular menu
  • Keep the “bad” carbohydrate in a controllable state
  • The ideal carbohydrate intake level is maintained
  • The  result is very evident and most people have proven the effectiveness of this diet
  • Improvements in cholesterol level were witnessed and experienced by most of the dieters

Disadvantages of the Atkins Diet

  • Kidneys are prone to bog down since the diet does not provide enough energy in the form of energy
  • Atkins Diet may cause complications because low-carb diets result in low calcium level in the body
  • Constipation, halitosis, and dehydration might be experienced by the Atkins dieters
  • Complications such as osteoporosis, hypertension, liver and kidney problems, and a possible increase in heart disease risk is potential but in rare cases.
  • Most  people find hard to account carbohydrates intake especially when dining out
  • Dieters if not maintained can have a very quick regaining of weight once they stop the process.

The well-known Atkins concentrates merely on the serious lowering down of carbohydrates. The diet is mainly focused on the avoidance of the foods that are rich in carbohydrates. While on the other hand, the high protein diets deals on protein-rich packed foods which can give you a feeling of satisfaction even on diet process.

In the normal process, the body burns carbohydrates for energy. This energy will act as the main source of fuel for the brain, heart and many other organs in the body system. Because of restrictions in carbohydrates intake, the metabolic cycle of the body is changed and often it results in some adverse effect. When a person in Ketosis, usually it tend to feel less hungry and so you eat less as compared to your normal food intake.

Diets can be effective and sometimes not. It may lead to good results and a beneficial one. However, dieters are not exempted to disadvantages. Proper education must be considered once you plan to commit a diet activity so that desired results can be achieved.

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