Most Severe Headache

Headache Cluster the Most Severe Headache


A pain which is common and everybody must ever suffer from but not really get much attention is headaches, tension headache, migraines, those are the most familiar one and headache cluster which is less familiar.Most Severe Headache

People might suffer from a headache due to their psychological state which is experiencing exhaustion and stresses. Tension would trigger the nerve in the head to feel the pain and deliver it to the brain because the brain tissue is the most sensitive one.

Also for physical exhaustion, people who are tired and physically unfit can get a headache easily. Headache cluster, as it is called, comes like a cluster with huge pain. It is also known that this kind of headache is the biggest major headache with terrible pain.

Headache cluster is usually suffered by men. This headache could come at anytime all of a sudden with pain on one side of the head or around the eyes which is very intense. It could cause swelling and changing in color in the facial area like the nose or cheeks.

Most Severe HeadachePeople who have a headache cluster would feel that this headache is very dangerous because of the severe pain it caused. This type of a headache could last for hours, but generally, it takes about 45 up to 90 minutes that the pain could be eventually gone. The certain cause of this disease is still unknown, but smoking is believed to trigger the pain. However, some studies say that the headache cluster is not really threatening life.

To reduce the risk of headache cluster, ones should take some medication or treatment that reduces the pain. Some medication could also reduce time-attack and minimize torturing pain. Some believe that caffeine could be a good medication, but not in this case, it would only lead to a caffeine headache that would not change anything.

Caffeine would block the blood vessel and make a headache worse. The best medication is with preventive way, having a good quality of sleeping, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Do not take just any medication for your headache cluster without prescription of the doctor.

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